For Dogs

Curious about what Supplement is right for your dog?

 Does my dog really need a multivitamin?
Our Recommendation: Dry foods do their best to provide a well-rounded meal but they frequently fall short in the vitamin category and occasionally cause adverse reactions.  Most companies produce a 5 in 1 solution, we decided to go one step further by adding more joint support than any other brand. 

 Does your dog have trouble going to the bathroom, need to be let outside more often or do you suspect they might have a UTI?
Our Recommendation: Cranberry Bladder Bites will bring them relief. These are supplements that should be kept around the house and we give it to our dogs regularly. Our supplements are made to be more potent than a traditional brand that you would find in a regular pet store.

Does your dog itch frequently, get skin rashes, or have digestive problems? 
Our Recommendation: If your dog itches frequently we recommend going with the Immune Booster. This attacks the widest range of issues in one solution and keeps our dogs healthy.  If allergies are not a problem then we recommend the Salmon oil for coat shine, hearth health and our dogs really love it in their dry food. 

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