Why Does My Dog Eat Grass? We Have 5 Answers For You!

Pet owners like you and I are sometimes baffled by our dog’s fascination with eating grass. We worry that there may be something wrong with their health and they are cleansing to avoid poisoning. Sometimes, too, we assume that this is a behavior that needs correcting.

Regardless of our assumptions, we know one thing for sure: most dogs are in love with grass. Whether it is good or bad, we have come up with 5 answers that will hopefully calm your thoughts and guide you through their grazing mannerism. 


One of the reasons why dogs eat grass is the presence of worms or intestinal parasites in their digestive system. It is said that they have inherited this trait from their wild animal counterparts where they do not have medicines to treat their worms. Instead, they graze on the grass to boost their digestive tract and hopefully eradicate parasites.

To spot other tell-tale signs of roundworms and other parasites present in your dog’s system, you can also check their stool and vomit. Usually, you can spot them as inches in length. They are also oftentimes white or something a bit darker. More effectively, you can bring your furkid to the veterinarian and have them checked. If they tested positive for worms, the vet can immediately start treatment and advise you on what you can do on your end.

Upset Stomach

Although this claim has not been scientifically proven, dogs eat grass when they are suffering from stomach discomfort. Just like humans, fiber helps keep their digestive tract in check and grass is rich in fiber. When our fur babies overeat and are suffering from indigestion, fiber eases the process. This may be a good reason why they are fond of grass.

Eating grass can also make your dogs vomit. It is a good way for them to release the toxins they have accidentally ingested. However, you should not use grass to medicate toxicity in dogs! If your baby eats grass and at the same time shows other symptoms like lethargy and diarrhea, it is time to rush them to the hospital and have them professionally treated.


Just as dogs gnaw on table corners or shred shoes into bits, eating grass can be their language of telling you that they are bored and they need something more stimulating to do. You may be able to notice that a dog’s craving to eat grass may increase whenever you have left them alone and trapped inside the house for hours.

Ensure to give your furry buddies enough exercise if this habit bothers you. There are also community dog walking services you can consider if your work schedule prevents you from going on strolls with them. Check up on their toys. Are they too used to them? Are they tired of the toy’s usual function? It may be time to buy them a new one.

A Form of Attention Seeking

How do you react to your dog whenever you see them grazing on grass? Do you throw a fit and hurriedly run to them and stop them from doing this? It may be your big reaction that is soliciting their habit, believe it or not. If your furry pal has not been showered much attention from you for some time, your strong reaction may be a form of encouragement to them. Try bringing your response down a notch and calmly flag your dog from the behavior.

The Taste of Grass Might Be Delicious for Them

When it comes to preference, there is no telling why a certain dog likes this food compared to others. As for the grass, there are just a lot of canines who are into its taste. They may be attracted to the scent of wet, freshly trimmed grass that probably leads to them wanting to eat it. While grass is not really harmful to our pets, we should keep a watchful eye on them to ensure that they do not ingest parasites present on it. Other things such as another animal’s dropping may also be on the grass and can pose danger to our pets.

These are indeed just 5 reasons your dog is motivated to eating grass. There may be a lot out there that we probably have not yet figured out. Just remember to keep your dog preoccupied and entertained so that they do not engage in these weird habits. Regular exercise makes our beloved pets well-balanced.

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