Is Your Dog in Pain? Here are 5 Telltale Signs

Compared to humans, it is difficult to tell if your dog is in pain. Unlike us who can verbalize our suffering, dogs can only do so much to let you know that they are feeling discomfort. It is like a guessing game for most pet owners and we rely on clues to know if there is something wrong.

Have you ever felt frustrated over this? Wouldn’t it be nice if there are easier ways to identify if our babies are afflicted with physical pain? Over the time we have spent with our dogs, our bond strengthens and chances are we are now used to how they behave. This may be the key to telling that something is wrong.

Below are 5 telltale signs that our dogs are in pain. Hopefully, this helps!


 1. A Change in Personality

Is your dog keeping distance from you all of a sudden? Did you notice that they are easily scared and aggravated? Are they showing pangs of hostility over you and other dogs? These may be signs that they are experiencing something that is not normal. Dogs that are in pain will do their best to avoid contact of any kind. They will veer away from anyone who can possibly cause them further harm. When their injury is out in the open, dogs become aggressive as well since it is their instinct to protect themselves from danger.

Be observant of these sudden changes. It pays to check how they interact with you so that you can compare and see the difference.


2.     Panting Hard

Panting is a dog’s way to release stress. You will notice how different their panting is on a hot day compared to when they are in pain. When the heavy breathing goes along with restlessness and shaking, it may be time to rush them to the veterinarian. You can also check the color of their tongue or gums if you are still unsure. If it is unusually pale, it is an indication that there is something gravely wrong.


3.    Loss of Appetite

When your dog suddenly avoids drinking and eating, they are showing signs that there is something wrong with them. Inappetence is one of the most common indications of sickness in pets. While it may unnecessarily mean that they are experiencing something serious, it still pays to have your dog checked if their appetite drastically drops.

Be observant if there will be other symptoms that will go with their inappetence. This sign can indicate a whole range of illness from an upset stomach, to injury, or something more serious concerning their kidneys.


4.    Non-stop Licking

When your dog licks a certain spot of their body incessantly, they may be trying to soothe that certain area. It is, after all, their instinct to clean or attend to the wounded part of their body. This is their attempt to fix the problem.

If you are seeing them licking their paw and rubbing it to their eyes, they may be suffering from some form of eye infection. This is causing the aches and pain thus, a visit to the vet is needed.


5.    Restlessness

You can tell that your fur baby is no longer comfortable. If they are pacing back and forth over and over again and are heavily agitated, it is most probably because they are feeling some sort of pain. This may be paired with heavy breathing and soft barks. You will also notice them having lesser sleep than usual. Keep an observant eye on your dog if this is the case. Having them in this prolonged state may be already dangerous as this may be an early sign of seizures.


When your fur child is in pain, the best response is consulting a vet. Some pains would come and go so the symptoms may not be as constant. You really would have to keep a watchful eye. Do not delay action. For all you know your baby is already desperately asking for your help.



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