How to Remove Pet Hair in 5 Easy Ways

One of the most common telltale signs of being a pet owner is having pet hair constantly stuck on your clothes. While this is something that we have learned to live with, it is not actually a good sight when you are attending meetings and out and about with friends. There are also instances of regret whenever you buy new furniture only to be covered slowly with pet hair as time progresses!

Gone are the days, too, when covering your couch with plastic cover is considered conventional. It is something our grandparents do but can be viewed as weird and excessive in this day and age.

Though we adore our fur babies to their very core, pet hair is a bump on the road that needs solving. We have come up with 5 effortless ways to remove pet hair!


Have a Roll of Packing Tape Handy

Those gray rolls of adhesive tape that you see in hardware stores are just as handy as the lint rollers you purchase to get rid of loose pet hair. The good thing about packing tapes, though, is that they do not run out easily! Stock up on this and have one ready near your door so that before heading out and you notice that your clothes are just as furry as your dog, you can just cut a considerable length and tap it around whatever you are wearing for the day. It is also handy to keep one in your car or your office drawer for those hairs that you are not able to notice immediately.   


Window Squeegee? Carpet Squeegee!

A window squeegee is a 2-in-1 tool in every fur parent’s life. While it is convenient in removing nose print and paw prints off your window, it does an amazing job of loosening pet hair off the carpet. Just as you use this tool on your window, rub the squeegee on the carpet several times. You will be able to witness how the fur piles up together and is taken off the surface.


Amp Up Your Vacuum

When you have fur babies at home, the next best thing that you should work on obtaining is a reliable vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum gets 80% of the job done, which is a great deal in maintaining the tidiness of your home amidst the pet chaos. Since this is a diligent and persevering tool, it does follow that it can wear out easily.

Keep your cleaner in tiptop shape by performing regular maintenance. Routinely check the filter and canister and ensure to empty it every after your cleaning session. Be on the lookout for any signs of damage on the vacuum belt. You may start noticing that the brush no longer turns even as the motor is running. This is an indicator that you need to replace the belt. There are also vacuum cleaners now that work with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. It is highly suggested that you use this if there is someone in the household suffering from allergies or asthma as it can purify and sift off the smallest particle that can aggravate the respiratory system.


Rub with Rubber Gloves

Not to complicate the process too much, a simple pair of rubber gloves is “handy” in your pursuit of controlling pet hair at home. Wear extra ribbed rubber gloves and run your hands through your furniture to have the hair stick to it. Since rubber works well against pet hair, you can also use a rubber broom on hard-floored areas at home. Sweep with it first and throw excessive hair before vacuuming. You will find this advantageous, and it saves your vacuum from clogging.


Humidifiers Help!

Aside from adding moisture to the air and preventing your skin from irritation, humidifiers are awesome helpers in sustaining pet fur from holding on to surfaces. It keeps tufts of hair damp and easy to rub out. Low humidity is your number one enemy when it comes to sticky fur. Having a humidifier also eases your breathing and keeps both you and your pets calm and healthy.

Although pet hair is something unavoidable when you have pets around, you can always take an extra measure in warding off extreme shedding. Do not forget to give your fur kids a regular bath using a shampoo that is natural and friendly to their skin. Another effective way is brushing or combing your pets every day. Nothing too intense, though. Just spend 3-5 minutes running the brush onto their fur to remove excesses.

If you have more tips that we are not able to cover in this article, it will be a pleasure if you would share it with us!

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