Are You a Homebody? These 5 Dog Breeds are Perfect for You

Not because you are a dog owner automatically means that you have an active and adventurous lifestyle. Being a fur parent knows no boundaries. Some fur parents love staying at home with a good book! Surprisingly though, they enjoy a harmonious and healthy life with the fur child.

Just how do they make it work? Like all species, many dog breeds are perfect matches for homebodies. Today, we will mention the 5 most common dogs that make life a little calmer than some.


  1. Basset Hound

With this breed's droopy eyes, short legs, and long dangling ears, it may be hard to believe that they come from a family of hunting dogs. Unlike other hounds, this breed relies on its exceptional sense of smell to carry on its task.

Today, the Basset Hound is one of the most preferred pets of people who like staying indoors. They are lazy and love lounging about. They are very patient and can strongly tolerate kids and other animals. You just have to watch their weight. An hour’s worth of walking is enough for them daily.


  1. Great Dane

Do not be fooled by their size! Great Danes are so lazy that they can sleep 16 to 18 hours a day! This is normal, though. It is a fact that larger breeds tend to be more docile than smaller ones. 

They make perfect companions for homebodies since they are gentle, intelligent, and prefer sitting next to you rather than running around outside. There will be instances of “zoomies”, though, or sudden bursts of energies which usually last a minute or two, but other than that, they are perfectly calm.

  1. Chow-Chow

Chow-chows were once named the laziest dog breed in the United States according to Business Insider. They are very independent and could care less about other dogs. This is also the very reason why as owners, you need to try and socialize them with other animals every once in a while. Although they would rather stay home with you and doze off, it’s still best to engage them in small exercise routines to keep them healthy and away from obesity.


  1. English Bulldogs

Due to their physical limitations, English Bulldogs are often referred to as lazy. In reality, they are just happy-go-lucky and would like to take things nice and easy. Also, most English Bulldogs (as well as all other bulldogs), suffer from respiratory issues. They have poor stamina and would need more time to recover compared to other breeds. However, these traits should not make them less loveable. Bulldogs are kind and intelligent. They can be great pals to children!

If you are a homebody, an English Bulldog would only require a maximum of 30-minute-walk daily. You can even just do it around your garden. Allow them to explore their surroundings every once in a while. This will be a great benefit to their health.


  1. Maltese

The Maltese are often thought of as an active breed. They may be balls of incessant energy when they are puppies but these surges can easily die down. They would prefer to nap around you and can even sleep for up to 14 hours. The Maltese are known as lapdogs. Adults would adapt to the energy level of their environment. If you are a homebody, they will be perfectly content right next to you. They will move around if they have a purpose so you have to stimulate their minds so as not to turn them into lazy dogs. These dogs love the interaction with their owners and, ideally, you can include them in your indoor activities.


Owning a dog should not be limited based on your activity or physical capability. There will a dog perfect for everyone.


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