5 Worthwhile Activities for Every Cat Owner During Quarantine

Although a number of areas have eased their quarantine guidelines, staying indoors as much as possible is still highly suggested. For cat owners, this fact does not pose a considerable amount of inconvenience. Our feline pals are excellent indoor pets, and having them around can save you from the dread of isolation. 

But how can you make the days you spend with your cat meaningful? There is a wide range of things that may come to mind, from training to turning your fur kid into an Instagram superstar! Allow us to organize them into 5 worthwhile activities that every cat owner, such as yourself, can do during this quarantine.


Tidy Up!

Now is the best time to organize all the stuff related to your kitty. Ask yourself as Marie Kondo would: “Does this thing spark joy to you and your pet’s life?” Use this as your guide as you sort and declutter your stash of cat toys, clothes, and other equipment. As a fur parent, it is pretty basic to identify which things your fluffy one is still interested in. Do not hesitate to donate old feather teasers, tunnels, and scratching posts. Your cat’s “trash” can still be another one’s treasure.


Go Gourmet

With so much time in your hands, why not cook something for your furry companion instead of just sticking with the good ole’ bag of kibbles? You can go online and search for healthy recipes that use ingredients that are beneficial to your cat’s overall well-being. You can experiment with fresh fish like mackerel, trout, and salmon. Mix it with organic rice and vegetables, and you can never go wrong!

It would also be nice to include your kitty during the process of cooking. Who else would be the best judge of your dish? Be sensitive to how it reacts to the various aromas of ingredients. With this, you will be able to tell if your dish is a success and deserves a Michelin Star!


Learn New Tricks

It is a common misconception that cats cannot learn tricks. Like dogs, you can train your feline buddy how to shake hands, sit, and even stay! Invest an ample amount of time doing this. This does not mean prolonged training sessions, though. Keep your exercises brief but frequent as cats are known to be easily bored. Be creative in your approach, and prepare interesting treats that will undoubtedly keep them looking forward to responding to your commands.


Groom ‘til it Blooms!

Learning how to groom your cat just as a professional pet salon would is a practical skill to learn. Read on how to give organic, healing baths that will put a shine to your cat’s fur. Get those shears and comb working while earning your pet’s confidence in your newly found ability. Do not stop with just brushing their teeth or trimming their nails! Why not go all out and think of styles that suit your kitty’s aura and comfort? Before you wrap up, hand them a treat so that they are encouraged to go through the same activity with you next time.


Have a Good and Relaxing Time

One of our many frustrations pre-quarantine times, is having the luxury to step back, relax, and have a short snooze between the day. Now that we are granted this fancy, find that perfect moment to snuggle next to your dear furball and read a good book to them. You would be surprised at how restorative this activity is! If you cannot find something to read, look for videos that can solicit your cat’s reaction.

It is also scientifically proven that a cat’s purr is therapeutic and is known to lower blood pressure and reduces risks of heart attacks. Laying next to your kitty-cat is a sure-fire way to relieve tension during these difficult moments.

Being stuck at home is not so hard when you have cats. We have to learn from their ability to take things calmly and slowly. Times are hard for some people but finding ways to entertain yourself and learn during this pandemic, especially for the benefit of your dear furkids will absolutely do you good in the long run.

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