5 Weird Dog Behaviors and Their Meaning

Dogs are great pets because they are responsive and easy to train. Their actions are quite predictable. Having a dog also gives us the ability to understand their behavior and what they are trying to imply through their actions. This is their way of communicating. Unlike us humans who can verbalize how we feel, our fur kids can only show us through their movements and demeanor what they are truly wanting to say.

Have you ever caught your pet acting weirder than usual? Have you noticed them do something out of the ordinary? If this is the case, would you happen to know what their actions meant? Sometimes, new movements or behavior in dogs hints at something important. It could be that they are feeling bad or uncomfortable. We must catch on to these signs so that we can help them in case of emergencies.

We have collected 5 weird dog behaviors and their possible meaning.


  1. Eating their Feces 

Coprophagia is the fascination with eating stool in dogs. Although disgusting to us humans, studies show that this is a normal canine behavior originating from their ancestors. Dogs usually do this as their second chance to extract nutrients from their diet. This means that when dogs eat their poop, they have a nutritional deficiency that needs to be improved. Another reason is that puppies usually see their mothers eat their feces as a means of cleaning and grooming them. They replicate this behavior since this is something they see at a young age.  

If your fur kid has not outgrown this behavior, scheduling a visit to their veterinarian is necessary. Your dog needs to be checked and provided with multivitamins that are fit to their frame and lifestyle. This is one good way to eliminate the habit of eating their feces.


  1. Digging

There are many reasons why dogs dig. This is a natural activity that is caused by many things. Among them is just pure genetics. Hunting dogs dig to look for prey and this may be an instinct that has been carried out to your pets. Our canine companions also dig to regulate their temperature. When it is warm and humid, dogs will dig dens to lie on. During cold weather, the ground can also give them heat. This is why you’ll find your dog digging on their mattresses or their crate even while indoors.  

Dogs also dig when they are stressed out. They alleviate their anxiety through digging. The act can provide mental and physical stimulation to stabilize their mood.


  1. Scooting

While it is funny seeing your dog drag their butt around your home, scooting can be a sign of several things. One of the signs implicates that your dog needs to go to the toilet and is having a little discomfort doing so. You can provide them with food rich in fiber such as cucumber and pumpkin to help them do their business at ease.

Allergies in your dog’s anus area can also be the reason why they are scooting around. Check for irritation around the area or have it checked by your veterinarian so they can immediately prescribe a cream to heal the itch.


  1. Pressing their Head

When you catch your dog pressing its head against the wall, you need to call your veterinarian immediately. This is the most common sign of a neurological ailment such as canine distemper virus, brain tumor, hepatic encephalopathy, among others, all extremely serious and fatal if not treated immediately. It can also be a sign of toxicity in dogs.

The veterinarian will run tests to confirm which sickness they are currently experiencing and will proceed in their treatment. Please do not delay in seeing a professional in this situation as it can further threaten your dog’s life.


  1. Going in Circles

If your dog is running around in circles and chasing its tail, this is something normal and should not bring any kind of worry to you. You have to be very observant, though. If they are circling more often than usual and it feels different than their play behavior, this may be a health issue that needs to be addressed. Have their ears checked for infection. Headaches can also cause this. To know what course of action you should be taking, it is always best to consult a veterinarian on the matter.


It has always been said that dogs do not change their routine and behavior instantly. If they do, there must be something that needs to be looked upon. Your dog’s health should always be your priority and these weird dog behaviors might be a telltale sign of something bigger.

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