5 Ways You Can Help Shelter Animals Other than Adoption

Have you ever looked at an animal shelter’s social media page and felt bad because, for some reason, your hands are tied when it comes to adopting one? Do not worry we won’t judge you. In fact, there are a lot of animal lovers out there who wanted to adopt however they needed to consider many factors that probably hinder them from doing so.

Even if you cannot adopt at the moment, we are very happy to inform you that there are still ways you can lend a helping hand to these organizations.


Through Donation

When it comes to donation, shelters aren’t always in need of monetary contributions. There are a lot of them that would appreciate supplies that will assist in the operation of the facility. Examples of these items are pet beds, newspapers, cleaning supplies, towels, leashes, food bowls, among many others. You can consult with them which items they need at the moment. You can also inquire if they accept slightly used (but not abused) things. If so, you can arrange for a neighborhood help drive geared towards their necessity.


Exposure through Social Media

There are still some shelters that are not yet on social media. If you have skills in social media networking or graphic design, you can offer them your services for free. You can create an infographic on the shelter’s adoption process. You can also post about the profiles of the animals that need to be adopted. There are limitless possibilities in helping through social media. All you need to do is be creative and eager to reach out to potential viewers.



Local shelters rely heavily on volunteers because paying for regular employees can be too much for an organization that does not earn for itself but instead, for the animals it hosts. You can inquire with them if they have a current volunteer program that you can sign up to. The application process typically includes orientation and short training that you have to undergo. They also have a set of requirements such as age, vaccination information, and background you have with animals.

Some shelters host adoption events where you can volunteer as host or clean-up crew after.



Rescue operations are sometimes delayed in some small shelters because of the lack of transportation especially if we’re talking about large missions that require the retrieval of multiple animals. Comparably, the transfer of shelter animals from one location to another is also complicated without a committed transportation service. If you own a van or a spacious vehicle even, you can be the answer to their prayers. It is also a fulfilling task whenever you are designated to transport a shelter animal to its adopter or foster.



This is the closest you can get in adopting a shelter animal. Most rescues require foster families for animals for many reasons. This may include exposing the animals to a new and more relaxed environment where they can interact with humans other than the shelter staff. You can also be a helping hand when it comes to bringing these fur babies to adoption events or veterinarian appointments. Welcoming these angels to your home is the next biggest thing you can do for them. You can also serve as a way for them to be adopted by putting in a good word rooting from your experience during your time with them.

Writing this blog, we have encountered a quotation, and let us share this with you before ending this piece. It said, “Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, but they have the heart.” We can always make a difference in a shelter animal’s life even if we didn’t get to adopt them. What’s important at this point is that we start reaching out and providing that ray of light in their lives.

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