5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Preoccupied While You’re at Work

Dogs need to be entertained. If they are not busy and have the luxury and excess of free time, they tend to engage in activities that can be quite unruly just to entertain themselves. Destructive habits such as chewing on shoes and furniture are examples of this.

Our fur buddies need to be stimulated physically and mentally at all times. They should release their bottled-up energies in activities that are beneficial to them. But what if we are part of the working class and do not have much time to spend with them? There is still a solution. We have compiled 5 simple ways to keep your dog preoccupied and happy while making a living.


  1. Make Every Meal Worth It

Our canine pals are natural scavengers. Their ancestors hunt for their meals. While you would want to give your dog a comfortable and luxurious life out of love for them, a part of them still craves the mental stimulation that they were built to have.

You can make use of food-dispensing toys that they have yet to figure out before it gives them a treat. These tools will most likely sharpen their ability to figure things out especially when you are not at home. You can also hide treats around your home so that while you are not around, they have something to look for.


  1. Hire a Dog Walker

If your pet is highly agile and would require daily walks, there is always an option to hire a dog walker. There usually is someone available in your community and all you have to do is go to the local bulletin board or post signs that you are hiring. This takes the load off your back since work can be tiring at times and you would probably like to rest once you reach home.

You have to keep in mind, though, that while hiring a dog walker is easy, you need to find someone you can trust your fur child with. Why not schedule an interview with them first? That way, you get to familiarize yourself with their personality and they get to meet your dog before the actual job begins.


  1. Let Your Dog Have Access to the Window

Dogs love to see moving things. They appreciate observing the environment around them. You can give them a space by the window so that they can look outside, much like how cats do. You would be surprised how much they would value this gesture. 

Giving them a view of your neighborhood would familiarize them with the world in which they are surrounded. This is also a nice, safe way to introduce them outside without the risk of danger. Moreover, they can always for you to show up after work!


  1. Give Your Dog Ice Treats

Most dogs are mesmerized by ice. They see it as a treat that they are very curious about. You can use this to entertain your dog once in a while. You fill a medium-sized container with potable water and dunk your fur kid’s favorite toy in it. Once done, freeze it overnight and the next day, you have something to keep your dog preoccupied! Place the block of ice in your dog’s feeding bowl and leave it there for the whole day. You’d be surprised how interested they will be in getting their prized possession off the ice. They’d be licking the whole day!


  1. Doggie Daycare

Just like a real daycare center for children, doggie daycare is a good place where you can leave your fur kid behind while you are at work. More and more facilities like this are opening because of the increasing number of fur parents who would like a place where they can not just leave their dogs while they are working, but also have them trained and socialized.

Before you entrust your fur child to doggie daycare, though, you have to check the facility first. Get a copy of their everyday activities and see if your dog is built to participate in them. You can also go on a visit before leaving your dog there so that you both can get acquainted with the staff and the place. A trial run is also ideal so your fluffy kid can experience the place first-hand with your supervision.


Having a fur child means a new commitment but at the same time being responsible enough to be able to provide for their needs. Staying at home is not always an option for some dog owners but it is always a nice thought that there are ways to keep your four-legged babies entertained while you are not there.


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