5 Ways to Keep Cats Entertained Even on a Limited Space

Many apartment dwellers consider having a cat as their companion. It may be because they are more self-sufficient or require less maintenance compared to other pets. Most of our feline pals are satisfied being left alone to lounge and sleep around. They also do not require a daily walk outside which is perfect for working individuals who just can’t deal with their busy schedules.

This does not mean, however, that we can ignore our cat’s welfare. They are still domesticated pets that have emotional needs that we must fulfill as owners. They need to be mentally stimulated or else they may wound up in depression. They also need to engage in enrichment activities to keep them sharp and functioning.

Going back to your limited space, you might wonder what sort of activities to keep your cat entertained and active? We have 5 ideas that you can try.


  1. Create an Indoor Cat Garden

Have you noticed your cat just staring longingly outside? It may be high time to bring the outdoor feel to your cat! Why not create an indoor cat garden where they can experience what Mother Nature has to offer? It is not only beneficial to your mate but also to your health, as well. Plants can bring clean air to your home.

Your cat garden should contain plants that will not harm your cat’s being. You can begin with catnip or Nepeta Cataria. It is a member of the mint family and can give your pet a good dose of energy. Parsley is also a good option. Not only can you use this in cooking your food, but this is also a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K for your cat.


  1. Let them Play with Treat-release Toys

Treat-dispensing toys are great for cats especially those who are left alone during most parts of the day. This gives them mental and physical stimulation and keeps them entertained. Just remember to give them a treat-release toy that is durable and does not break easily. Cats can claw through the toy and there is no telling how much strength they can give off while playing. Also, consider filling the toy with not just your regular treats. Healthy treats are available in the market. You can also consult your veterinarian on what to give them. Usually, a low-calorie treat is an awesome idea.


  1. Cat Tree

Cat trees are very useful when you and your cat are living in a limited space. It can provide perches with a variation of heights that your feline pal can climb. This can also provide a nice venue for them to exercise. Cat trees also have textured surfaces ideal for your pal’s incessant desire to scratch. Guarantee that when purchasing a cat tree, the furniture should be stable and strong to avoid untoward accidents.

Always go for cat trees that are made with eco-friendly materials. This will be ideal for your cat since they are interacting with natural products.


  1. Hide Treats Around Your Home

Cats are natural-born hunters and they appreciate working for their food. Having them searching for treats will give them the experience to hunt. This can challenge them both mentally and physically. You can stash treats on their beds, the scratching post, or near the window. Just make sure that they do not see you while hiding food or this beats the purpose of your little adventure.


  1. Allot At Least 30 Minutes of Playtime with Your Cat

Whenever you play with your cat, be sure to include activities that mimic hunting so that they do not lose this instinct. You can use a toy that looks like prey and move it around imitating prey movement.

Be ready for cats that do not have enough motivation to play. They still need these 30 minutes daily to keep them agile and healthy. You have to be persistent and patient. Try a different and creative approach. This may successfully encourage them.

A limited space should not be a hindrance to you and your cat. As an owner, it is your responsibility to stimulate them so that their lives are enriched. This lessens their stress and will build their character.   


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