5 Useful Tips That You Can Follow If Your Dog Gets Lost

One of the worst nightmares pet owners have is losing their cats or dogs. The thought of having your fur child all alone and confused in a strange place is enough to drive us crazy! Just imagine how hard it might be for them to go in circles in an unfamiliar street full of strange faces without the security of having you around. What’s scarier is the amount of danger possibly awaiting them because they are unsupervised. We certainly pray that this does not happen to anyone of us!

While it is easy to blame ourselves for being reckless and unassuming, it is not our fault should our dogs get lost. There are a lot of factors that happen and feeling bad will not do any good. It will just cloud our thinking and disables us from functioning well in finding our babies.

We have collected 5 useful tips that you can follow if your dog gets lost.


  1. Report the Incident

As in any unfortunate scenario, the best way to go about losing your dog is getting the authorities involved. Go to the nearest police station where you have lost your pet and filing a detailed report regarding the incident is the first thing you should do.

You should also approach the local veterinarian and animal shelters to alert them and involve them in your mission to find your lost pet. They will be more than willing to lend you a hand. Moreover, their network of pet-concerned people is vast and there will be more eyes on the lookout for your baby.


  1.    Circle Back to the Area Where You Lost Your Dog 

In the event that you have lost your dog during your walk, you can go back to your route and hopefully find them there. Our canine pals are known for their excellent tracking ability using their olfactory nerves. They may also be smelling their way back to where you got separated. Another possibility is that they may want to go back to an interesting smell they have encountered while you were walking earlier.

If your best bud and you have walked that route countless times, you can be really lucky and find them right back at your doorstep or by the entrance of the dog park!


  1.    The Power of Social Media

Aside from flyers that you can hand out about your missing beloved, you can always take advantage of the power of social media. Everyone is on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. All you have to do is create a detailed post about what happened. State the date and time when you lost your dog. Describe the area where you lost him/her as accurately as possible. You also have to post the most recent photo of your dog and mention which name they respond to.

Do not stop at just posting it on your personal social media page. Repost it on community groups, lost pet pages, veterinarian clinic pages, everywhere relevant! Also, use hashtags so people can find it easily. #LostPet #MissingDog may work.


  1.    Visit their Favorite Place

As a pet parent, you would know what your dog’s favorite spot is. Give that place a visit and if you are blessed and favored, you’d be able to reunite with your dog there. To put it simply, every fur kid has a place that is so familiar to them that they enjoy going there. It may be the look of the place but most definitely it’s the scent that attracted them. If the outcome is not what you have expected and your dog is nowhere near the place, leave one of their toys behind or your clothes and go back every once in a while. Chances are the scent of these things may lead them back to the said area.


  1.    Wait at Home

According to reports, a significant number of lost dogs turn up near where they live. A sound explanation for this is that dogs have a very strong sense of smell and many of them can retrace their way back to where they live. You can call your neighbors or knock on their doors to inform them what happened and to also ask a favor to let you know if they see your fur baby around the area. Leave them your phone and cellular number so they can ring you easily, anytime. 


According to ASPCA or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 93% of lost dogs were found. This is a significant number and something that can encourage you to not lose hope. Just follow the tips we have provided and stay as level-headed as possible to make the task of finding your pet the quickest possible time. May this incident never happen to any of us.                                                                                                                                   

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