5 Tips to Make Your Dog Smell Better

If you are a dog owner, you know all too well the joys of cuddling with your favorite buddy. Most of us sleep next to them at night, watch television with them, and have them play with our kids. There are times, though, that they smell stronger than usual. What do you do during these moments? Do you ask them to stay out of the house? Of course not! Doing so can be heartbreaking! Thus, you find ways on how to make their odor bearable.

We cannot give our dogs baths every day. Unlike humans, their skins secrete natural oils that take care of their furs. Without this, they can start shedding massively and have skin allergies. We have suggestions for you to help your fur bud smell better between bath times!


  1. Deodorizing Wipes 

Dog wipes are very easy to store and use. It comes in neat packages that dispense sheet after sheet just like human wet wipes. With just a swipe, dirt is removed from your dog’s skin and is replaced by a clean, fragrant smell.

Some would argue that these wipes are not eco-friendly. The good news, though, is that there are now biodegradable wipes that can help the environment rid of waste. There is also a wide range of brands catering to your dog’s skin sensitivity. You can use these wipes on their ear, paws, and bums.


  1. Dry Shampoo

This is a convenient way to cleanse your dog without having to go through the tedious process of rinsing with water. The dry shampoo deodorizes your dog while removing the dirt on their fur and skin. They also blot excess sebum which is the main source of the distinct dog smell we all know too well.

Dry shampoo comes in many forms. You can choose the spray type that, although popular and easy to use, may slightly scare off your pet. There is the foam type that you can massage onto your pet’s fur and finish with a towel. Lastly, the powder type which you can sprinkle and rub onto your pet’s body. Try checking which product works well with your dog.


  1. Grooming

Brushing your dog is a nice activity that can both relax you and your fur child. This helps distribute the natural oils on your dog’s fur while discarding excess hair and dead skin cells. This also prevents fur matting that can house dirt, dust, and even parasites.

Secure yourself with a good grooming brush. Allot a few minutes daily to brush your dog so that their skin will maintain its good condition. Healthy skin means less unlikely odor.


  1. Dog Cologne

Dog perfume has come a long way from being just a form of accessory to now a necessity. Due to this, there are many formulas now out in the market that does not only do the deodorizing but a whole lot of function as well. There are dog colognes made to put a shine on your dog’s fur. There are also some products for moisturizing and removing matted fur. Some dog colognes repel dirt altogether! You can also opt to use dog perfume infused with essential oils but you have to read and research which ones are compatible and not harmful to your buddy’s health.


  1. Dental and Gastro-Intestinal Health

Your dog’s breath also matters when it comes to their overall odor. The foul smell may come out of their mouth due to several things including bad oral hygiene and their gastrointestinal health. Brushing their teeth with enzymatic toothpaste is a good way to start. You can also opt for dental sticks if they are the type to outright refuse brushing.

Look for dog food with no by-products and fillers. It would be way better if you can prepare a healthy and natural dish for them. You can also check if they have access to your garbage because they may be harming their health due to this.


While we come to love our dogs as our family members, their smell may sometimes be off-putting. Doing these steps will definitely help reduce the bad odor. Making these things a habit will help you and your buddy live a more harmonious and fragrant life!    


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