5 Tips on How to Appease Your Angry Cat

As cat lovers, we know of some and have encountered a few apprehensive felines. Instead of avoiding them because of this, we tend to get drawn to their dynamic personalities. This does not mean we will tolerate this behavior, though. We work our way to calming them regardless of the possible consequences.

For new individuals who have just found a love for cats, we understand that you may still need help in these kinds of situations. After all, comprehending cat behavior is not an overnight lesson. Like all animals, some cats are well-balanced, while some need taming. In today’s blog, we have come up with 5 tips on how to appease an angry cat. Please note that these tips are based on common experience and do not guarantee an overnight solution to any problem.


  1. Blink

This may be absurd for some, especially to those who are just being exposed to cat behavior, but when a cat sees you staring at it, it will blink slowly and look away. This is their way of expressing that they do not intend to be of any threat to you. The same should be done if a cat is trying to get to know you. When you are still in the process of getting to know a cat and it stares straight at you for recognition, slowly close your eyes and keep them that way for around 1 to 2 seconds. As you are carefully opening your eyes, turn away cautiously without any sudden or surprising movement.

This will also work with an angry cat. The reason why they are upset is that sometimes they are unfamiliar with something. Succumb to their presence and blink. This will make them understand that you do not have a bad intention.


  1. Allow them to Approach You 

Showering a newly acquainted cat with attention will all the more aggravate them. Imagine if you are to do this to an angry cat! Trying to force yourself onto a cat will make them feel trapped. Give them space when they are angry. They will eventually calm down and make the first move. What you have to do is make yourself visible. Sit within their eyesight and mind your own business. Once they are more comfortable and used to seeing you around them, they will eventually approach you and let go of their anger.


  1. Be Calm

Cats in general are not appreciative of extreme noise and unruly behavior. This makes them nervous and jumpy. When a cat is upset, do not match their mood or try to dominate them. Do not make sudden movements that they will misinterpret as an attack. Always try to give them enough breathing room so that they will not feel stressed out.


  1. Give them Treats

This is not advisable most of the time but bribing your cat in the middle of his fit might work every once in a while. Timing is your best ally here. When your angry cat is slowly losing its steam but is still hesitant in approaching you, you can lure it with treats. Place a treat near its space and then right in the middle of you and your cat’s distance. As soon as you notice that this does work, place a treat on your hand, and check for its interest. If it seems ready to approach, call it in. Again, no sudden movements.


  1. Scent Diffusers

There are instances that a cat’s temper may be triggered by an unfamiliar scent. Their sense of security may be threatened because of this, causing them to act upon the matter. You may have a new pet at home or have unknowingly carried an unfamiliar scent in while you were outside your house. Try using a scent diffuser to eliminate anything that may have caused your cat’s displacement.


Being the bigger “person” in any cat-human relationship is all that matters. You should know how to handle your cat’s temper for them to acknowledge you. Like in any other species, cats have their way of doing things. You just have to work with it and meet halfway. 

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