5 Things You Should Post on Instagram If You Own a Pet Business

Instagram is a pretty straightforward platform. All you have to do is post an interesting photo with a meaningful caption, adorn it with viral hashtags, and viola! You’re good to go! This is the reason why most businesses make a conscious effort to be visible on Instagram. The views they get from this social media platform eventually equate to sales.

If you are running a pet business, it is not enough that you only post photos of cats and dogs every single day. It can be too tiring for your followers. You have to up your game and offer variation and more meaningful content to deserve quality views.

What kind of posts should you be uploading on Instagram, then? Here are 5 ideas from one pet entrepreneur to another:


  1.      Giveaways and Contests

Are you looking at increasing the size of your business community on Instagram? Hosting a giveaway or a contest can answer this intent. The good thing about social media is that everyone is up for good interaction. Ignite this by coming up with a plan for the users to spread your brand in exchange for a prize!

Why not ask them to regram one of your shop posts on their Instagram page and have them tag a number of their friends? Or you can ask them to submit a photo of their pet pal, upload it, and the most likes will win a gift from you? The possibilities are endless on this social media platform! Just don’t forget to come up with a unique hashtag that your viewers can use and make viral.


  1.      Behind the Scene

Social media has made everyone part of someone’s life. The same thing also applies to businesses. Your followers would love to see what your company is really made of. The more relatable you are to them, the more they would appreciate your entity. There is nothing more engaging than presenting what is going on behind your company’s walls.

You can post what a day is like in your shop: how you start your shift, the kinds of customers you interact with every day, even how you end your day. Feature one employee every week. Your consumers would love to get to know who they can speak with about their pets if they drop by your shop.


  1.      Inspirational Posts

It is such a good feeling when you see a quote that is totally relatable to you and your pets. What makes it more shareable is when it is paired with an aesthetic photo that is just so “Instagram-worthy”. You can source inspiring quotes over the internet. Websites such as Brainy Quote and Good Reads can provide you profound ones about pets and being a pet owner. Once you find a nice quote, you can incorporate it on a photo through editing sites such as Canva.

Creating these posts can also be your outlet to break away from everyday business routines and unleash your artistic side.


  1.      User-Generated Content

Instagram has this feature wherein your customers can tag you on their photos whenever they buy something from you. This is a great opportunity for you to engage and reach out to them and their followers. You can ask permission to post their content on your page and have them featured as your customer for the day. Tag them too so that more and more users can see and learn about your brand.

Similarly, you can search for mentions of your page or specific hashtags related to your page. Commenting and liking these posts will give off the vibe that you are the type of business that treats all their customers as valuable.


  1.      Be a Part of Holidays and Trends

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of holidays celebrated every day. While there are the traditional ones such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, there are also recently-created holidays that aim to be celebrated for the heck of it. Take National Dog Day for example.

Catch on the hashtag for a certain festivity and post something so that people celebrating can find you and know that you value what they are observing. You can also look for trending topics regarding the pet industry and post something of relevance to it. Again, using popular hashtags work wonders.


Being visible on Instagram has proven to be worth the effort for most businesses. Instagram is easy to navigate and this is evidenced by more than 1 billion active users for the past years. Imagine swimming in a lake full of fishes! This is one of the best opportunities you can have as a pet-related business entity. Get ready to plot and posts these ideas!

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