5 Things You Need to Know About your Cat’s Litter Box

Having a cat is similar to having an added responsibility for cleaning the litter box. It is something that we cannot avoid. Just as humans need toilets, cats need litter boxes to do away with their business.

If it is your first time having a cat as a pet, this is something unique that you have to get used to. Unlike dogs, a cat is a little bit more particular in doing its routine. You have to secure your house with litter boxes that are designed for your feline’s needs.

Are you still confused about how this whole thing operates? We have your back! Here are 5 things you must know regarding your cat’s litter box.


  1. The Right Litter Box and Kitty Litter

Hard to believe but there is a wide variation of litter boxes in the market. This may overwhelm you during your first few visits to the pet store but the key to choosing the best one is considering your cat. Remind yourself of your cat’s privacy preference. Are they the type who would hideaway to do their business or are they comfortable doing it in the open? For a household with just a cat or two sharing litter boxes, you can consider the hooded litter box. If you have many cats, this isn’t ideal because they might get sneaked upon by other cats which will cause them displacement while releasing their excess.

For the litter, you can decide whether you want clumping or non-clumping litter. Clumping litter makes the waste, such as urine, mass, or build together, making it easier to scoop. Non-clumping litter remains separated despite being wet and contaminated with urine. You can also choose whether you would like to go for the scented or non-scented litter. You just have to be careful of your cat’s sensitivity to odor.


  1. Decide Where to Put the Litter Bo

Same as determining where to place your bathroom, you have to take into account the spot where you will be placing your cat’s litter box. Remind yourself of your need when going to the toilet. The number one thing that you would be considering is privacy. Your cats need privacy too. It would not be too smart to place your cat’s litter box near the living room or a part of your household with heavy foot traffic. This will not help your kitty do its business. You can place your kitty litter in the laundry room or another room that you are not using often.

If your house is multi-leveled, place a litter box on every floor. Similarly, if you have more than 1 cat, it would be smart to have the same number of litter boxes at home. 


  1. Keep it Clean

Here is a question to us humans: would you like to go on a dirty toilet? No, definitely not. Your cats share the same sentiments. They will do their business outside the litter box if they find it dirty. You have to ensure that the box is free from feces and urine every time you scoop. Remember that, unlike toilets, it relies heavily on you to clean since it does not have the ability to flush.

It also helps to put a little baking soda on a newly scooped cat litter. This will take care of the unwanted and unpleasant odor.


  1. Protect your Nose

When cleaning your cat litter, it is also necessary to protect yourself. The kitty litter has litter dust that can make its way to your respiratory system. To free yourself from this, make it a habit to blow your nose every after your litter box cleaning session. This will save you from any possible allergic reactions and having that sudden whiff of litter smell.


  1. Change the Litter Monthly

It is never enough to scoop out contaminated kitty litter every day. You have to schedule an overall clean-up and change your kitty litter monthly. Having a fresh litter is like relieving your pet from the stress of the current month. While doing so, it is also wise to wash the kitty litter box totally. If you have multiple cats, this would be a great help.


Your kitty litter box will be your best ally in raising your cats. It does not only help them with their natural process but it also helps you keep a sanitary and comfortable house.



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