5 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog’s Nose is Dry

Dogs sport wet noses. This is because of the thin layer of mucus that aids them in smell. This layer attracts minuscule particles that your pet’s olfactory glands interpret. If you happen to see your dog frequently licking its nose, it’s just their way of collecting information from their environment.

Our fur pals have a pretty powerful sense of smell. Compared to us humans who have 6 million olfactory receptors, dogs have 300 million which is interpreted by a certain part of their brain. In comparison, this area in their brain is 40 times bigger than ours! It is so powerful that some studies mentioned that they can perceive the passage of time.

Was there a time that your dog greeted you with a dry, cold nose? Did it make you worry? Do not jump to conclusions just yet. We have gathered are some reasons why your dog’s nose is dry.


  1. Age 

When your dogs reach their senior years, their olfactory nerves no longer produce as much mucus as they used to do during their prime years. This should not cause panic as it is very natural. You can help them, however, regain moisture in their cute little noses by investing in a quality nose balm that will keep their muzzles hydrated and free of cracks.


  1. Weather Shifts

A dog’s nose is highly sensitive. It reacts to cold weather, as well as hot weather. It can even become sunburnt that is why you need to be always on the lookout and apply extra care to it. Summertime can be particularly cruel to their sensitive noses especially to fur kids with thin coats.

During the winter season, have your trusty nose balm ready too. Our fur kids tend to snuggle near our heating vents to keep themselves warm. If you happen to feel that your dog’s nose is dry after a long nap, it may be because of the hot air from these vents. Just give them a few minutes to adjust and their nose will catch on the moist in no time.


  1. Sleep

Dogs do not lick their noses when they sleep. This will most assumably eliminate the moisture from their snouts. If your baby has been sleeping and has just woken up to greet you, its dry nose should not raise much concern. Allow them to adjust for a while and it will all be back to normal. It would also help to lead your dog to their water dish so they can hydrate.


  1. Allergies

Your dog’s olfactory system is just as sensitive as yours. If you are prone to allergies caused by season changes, you might be surprised that your fur child shares the same pain. Just like in humans, allergies dry out our nasal passages and crusts can form at the back of our noses. You can check for other signs in your dog too. If they have been licking their paws more than usual and have been chewing on their skin, then they are most probably affected by allergens such as pollen.  

If you notice this in your dog, boost them with multivitamins and Omega 3. You can also opt to change to High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters so that these particles are kept out of you and your dog’s system.


  1. Illness

Not to raise unnecessary concerns, there are still some instances that your dog’s nose is dry for more serious reasons. In rare and extreme cases, dry noses can be a sign of auto-immune diseases. This is generally accompanied by dry skin. If you notice this sign and are in doubt, consult your veterinarian first before you take action. They will be able to guide you on what is the best thing to do to help your baby.



It is not always true that your dog is sick when they sport a dry nose. The best way to identify signs of illnesses in our fur buddy is through observing their overall condition. Consider other factors aside from what is listed in this blog. If you are still unsure, your veterinarian will always be the best person to consult and give you answers on what to do. Again, do not panic just yet.


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