5 Must-Dos to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

As humans, we view Halloween as a big, exciting, and festive Holiday. Who can blame us? It is that time of the year when we get to wear colorful and intriguing costumes without being looked at and judged! All Hollow’s Eve also equates to a storm of candies and chocolates! Many people really go out of their way to prepare for this night. From decorating their whole house to even dressing up their dogs!

Though this is the case for us, most dogs do not appreciate Halloween. They suffer from anxiety with the entire ruckus going on and about. Loud music, people running here and there, special effects that they do not get to see every’s a recipe for your dog’s apprehension! 

We have come up with 5 tips to protect your dog this Halloween. Remember, being ready and planning can help your dog a lot!


The Tension Behind Trick or Treat

For your buddy, the constant knocking and calling out of Trick or Treaters is a nightmare. Consider yourself lucky if you have a social dog. Most dogs become worked up even with the sound of your doorbell ringing! Spooky masks can displace your dogs as well. Worse, they may start running off the moment you open your door to hand out candies!

Make sure your dog is kept in the safest and quietest place inside your home, where they can be unbothered by all the sounds Halloween brings. Place a clean bowl of drinking water near them so that they no longer have to walk to their bowl. It also helps to give them a blanket or an extra pillow for added comfort.


Dangerous Decorations

Our dogs are born curious. Since we put a lot of decorations inside and outside our home, they might end up sniffing and familiarizing themselves with this stuff. Sadly, the majority of Halloween decors are electrical in nature. With the wrong placement, it might end up electrocuting your baby! Keep all the wiring tied, organized, and secured. If you need to tape them together, please do so. Remember to use electrical tape to wrap these cables safely.

It would also be wise to keep your dogs away from Pumpkins. Ingesting too much can irritate their gastrointestinal tract. Glow sticks can also pose as a threat to their health since it contains a chemical called “dibutyl phthalate” which can harm their nose and eyes, and cause excessive drooling.


Costumes with Mask is a No-No

Like us humans, wearing something that can constrict our breathing and sense of sight is gravely uncomfortable for our pets. If you are confident in letting your dog participate in Trick or Treating, avoid costumes with masks altogether. Battling the stress of meeting different people in one single night, combined with a costume that can obstruct their senses, can mean a different kind of harm to your babies. Spare them the trauma and any possible injuries by not considering masks as an option. If you think that wearing them is inevitable, though, do not leave it on them the whole time. Hold on to the mask and only have your dog use it if the occasion calls for it: for example, people wanting to take a photo.


Outdoors to Celebrate

Highly sociable dogs are a gem during this Holiday. If you are confident that your pet possesses this characteristic, only then should you allow them outdoors to Trick or Treat. Do not forget to bring the basics! This includes a poop bag and water for drinking. Also, have your dog wear an identification card. Halloween Eve can be hectic, and your baby might end up being lost. A leash is necessary.

An adult around is also a must. If there will be kids joining as you go around with your dog, having 2 adults is a requisite. This is to ensure that the kids’ and dogs’ safety is well-covered.  



Be careful with the treats you will be bringing home. You must keep them in a place that your fur child cannot access. Chocolates are dangerous to your dog. It contains a substance called theobromine that can cause nausea, heart problems, tremors, seizures, and worse, death in dogs. Candies and gums can also contain Xylitol that can cause liver failure. This can turn for the worse in just a matter of one day. Clear off any area accessible to your fur child from these foods. While this may be the highlight of our night, this is their waterloo.

If it is not necessary to bring your dog out for Trick or Treating, please have them stay in the comfort and safety of your home. If they need extra care or their anxiety worsens, you can always consult your veterinarian for solutions. Bear in mind that not all things fun for us mean the same for our dogs. Their disposition should always come first!

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