5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Health Through Hygiene

Dogs in the wild are very self-sufficient. They can hunt for their food and are trained to aid themselves. However, their domesticated counterparts rely heavily on their owners. If you are a first-time dog parent, you should know by now that caring for a fur kid comes with a very big responsibility. From the planning of which breed is right for your lifestyle, to the consistency of sustaining their well-being in tiptop shape.    

Your dog’s hygiene is the core factor in ensuring that he is healthy. It will dictate their vulnerability against diseases. New pet owners, sadly, overlook this fact and focus on what their dogs want to keep them entertained. 

Let’s discuss in this blog some ways to help protect our babies, starting from their hygiene.


  1. Start with Your Feeding and Drinking Bowl

While there are many cute and fancy plastic feeding and drinking bowl, this material should overall be avoided. Since plastic is harder to clean, it is easier for it to house germs. Bacteria can also thrive easily if they are not scrubbed meticulously.  

Your best bet should be stainless feeding bowls. Purchase bowls with rubber on their bases to avoid them from sliding in all directions while your dog is eating. Aside from the mess it can cause, a moving plate is frustrating to your dog. 

As for their water, it is suggested that you go for fountain-type dispensers. This avoids the water from splattering around. This type of drinking equipment can also double as a source of enrichment activity for your dog. They have to rely on coordination to press the dispenser and figure their way to drinking the water that shoots out.


  1. Do Not Leave Food Behind

Some pet parents prefer food to be constantly available to their babies and leave it out and exposed in the food bowls. This is a big mistake. Leaving food, especially wet dog food is similar to creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Salmonella is not just harmful to your dog’s health. It can also affect your family. 

When feeding your dog, place a considerable amount of food for them to consume. You do not have to prepare mountains of kibbles. Place enough for them to eat and should they ask for seconds, you can just add more. 

Once your bag of dog food is opened, place it in an airtight container to avoid contamination. If your baby wasn’t able to finish a whole can of wet food, transfer the remainder from the can to a microwaveable dish with a cover, and store it in the fridge. This gives you the option to heat it for the next meal.


  1. Have Them Groomed Regularly

You can always take in the responsibility of bathing your dog and grooming them yourself. While this is more convenient financially, having a professional step in once in a while is greatly appreciated. A trained dog groomer will have tools that can cover your pet’s overall cleanliness without having to risk them from any form of danger. These types of equipment can be pretty sharp and having you operate them without any form of formal training can do more harm than good.

A groomer is also more familiar with an animal’s physical state. They can easily identify the start of a bad rash or feel through your dog’s skin for any irregularities. This can help you prevent possible diseases at an early stage.


  1. Do Not Forget Oral Care

Face it, brushing your dog’s teeth can be a struggle. This is the reason why dental treats and chew toys were made. Be that as it may, brushing should not be neglected altogether, though. There are still food particles that are deep-seated and cannot be removed just by these treats. If you really cannot find your way into your dog’s mouth, you can always ask for your veterinarian’s help with anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. Leave it to the professionals! You can schedule your dog for this kind of service at least once a month.


  1. Check their Ears

A dog’s ear is a part that is often overlooked by their humans. Even after bathing your dog, sometimes we do not get to sit down and clean their ears. This may, unfortunately, resort to ear mites, and having an infestation is something that we do not want to happen. 

Ear mites are something serious. In fact, they can crawl and reside inside a dog’s brain and can cause complications and even death. The good news though is that cleaning your baby’s ear is easier now because some liquid solutions and medicines can do the work in a wipe. 


Your dog’s hygiene is always the beginning of your pet’s health’s disposition. Securing their physical and emotional beings makes you a responsible owner and gives your pet a longer life to spend with you. 





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