5 Commands Every Dog Should Know

You owe it to your dog to train them. Training stimulates their mind. Paired with the proper amount of exercise, your dog will definitely live a physically and mentally healthy life.

Teaching your dogs to get used to your commands can sometimes be draining, though. This is especially hard if you have adopted an older dog. However, we must continue doing our best to instill this knowledge in them. Discipline can help your furkid to become well-adjusted and balanced.

We have gathered 5 commands that your dog should know. Please note that we will not be including dog tricks such as “shake-hands”, “roll-over”, and the like. This is to give way to commands that really matter in maintaining a disciplined fur pal.


  1. Stay

Having your dog stay in one spot is one of the most basic commands that they should learn. This is also one of the hardest to teach. We all know how stubborn our furry companions can be and how short their attention span is. However, when you have successfully imprinted this command on them, it can be really rewarding.

If your dog knows how to follow the command “stay”, you would be able to prevent many dangers that may come across the both of you. A concrete example is when you tell them to stay when your front door is left open. This command will keep them away5 from any potential hazard.


  1. Good Conduct

Teaching your dog proper manners is important. Just as humans benefit from their good attitude, dogs also would do the same. Commands such as “No Tugging/Pulling” can help make walks more manageable. It influences your fur bud to respect your pacing and control the rate at which they are walking. Having your dog comprehend “no jumping” also makes them more acceptable to strangers and far from possible accidents. Similarly, when your dog knows how to wait for a command before they start eating, this helps them recognize that mealtime is not a sport. This prevents choking.


  1. Go

Isn’t it ironic how we teach our dogs what they cannot do and prevent their bad behavior but there aren’t many signals that release them from it? Letting your dogs understand the meaning of “Go” or “Okay” frees them from the previous command you have bound them with. It is only right that you will be the one to give them the green light so that they will always refer to you for assurance. This disciplines them and makes them recognize that you are the one in charge.        


  1. Toilet

Teaching your dog the command to do their business in the right place helps you maintain a clean and stress-free environment. When your dog understands that they must go outside to alleviate themselves, this also helps their self-control. This works well if you have an indoor dog. You can save your effort in cleaning accidents inside your house.


  1. Sit

Next to “stay”, the command “sit” is also among the most popular that is being taught to dogs. It does not only teach them manners but also restraint. If you happen to enroll your fur child in a discipline school for dogs, chances are, “sit” is one of the basic commands that they will be learning. Aside from one of the easiest commands to pass onto your pet, it is also the base or starting position of many other commands and tricks.

Teaching your dog how to sit helps them understand that staying put and maintaining their cool can be rewarding.


The above-mentioned commands for your dogs are not just to show off to other dog owners. These things will help your furkid to acknowledge respect to you, your space, and other people. They are very different from tricks that are being taught just to amuse. Commands are discipline-centered and focused more on the overall welfare of your dog.   




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